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Zevi Wolmark is the voice behind Mr. Dink in the 3rd and 4th season of Doug. It is known that Zevi became fascinated with acting at an early age, and determined to make it as an actor he spent a lot of time mastering the craft.[1]

Biography and Career[]

Originally from San Francisco, California, he was born on August 19, 1962. After finishing high school he applied for Julliard School and got accepted. Learning from the best in the industry, here he was able to work on his acting skills and develop himself as an actor. Initially drawn by theater acting, he began his career on stage, portraying a wide range of characters.[2]

At the beginnings of the 90’s, Wolmark launched his movie career, first appearing in a few television series, and then moving forward to feature films. After appearing in a few mainstream movies he started earning recognition, and at the same time his popularity started growing. With that came other perks such as being able to choose the projects on which he wants to work on.

By the mid 90’s, Zevi Wolmark had already built a prestigious reputation and was well on his way of becoming a household name. With a recurring role on one of the most popular TV series back then, and similar roles in Hollywood films lined up, this was undoubtedly his decade.

He even decided to try voice acting in many cartoons which led to his involvement in many titles and multiple production companies. His most famous performances were in COPS and Rocket Power.

Today you can see Wolmark acting on stage and in feature films, successfully combining his two biggest passions.


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