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Werner Schnozel is a minor character that appeared in "Doug's a Genius". He is a famous artist.


Werner Schnozel's only appearance is in "Doug's a Genius". After hearing about Doug Funnie's "amazing" art painting, he visits the Museum of Bluff during the Art Guild's art expo. He was instantly enamored by the painting. Elaine Perigrew explains that it was created by Doug, but Doug confesses it was done by Porkchop and a stray raccoon. Werner was surprised a dog painted it and he begins to walk over to Patti Mayonnaise's painting, which is the one he was looking at the entire time. He is the only person to understand that Patti's painting is of an old woman, not a mountain like everyone thought. Elaine confronts him and says "but what about the technique", which Werner replies, "Technique smechnique. I could teach a dog technique." He rambles on about how paintings are supposed to come from the heart.


Werner Schnozel is very snobby and rude, and does not like to be touched.


Werner Schnozel dresses all in black, wearing a button-down shirt and dress pants with a fur coat loosely draped over his shoulders. He also wears black shoes, dark sunglasses with black frames, and a black beret. He has a black goatee, but the tuft of hair under his hat is blue.