Hey everyone, just wanted to post a special announcement.

Disney's Doug has officially been added to the Disney+ lineup!! This also includes "Doug's 1st Movie".

What does this mean? Well the most important thing is that the elusive Disney version of Doug is now available for streaming (this version of the series has never received a proper DVD release) through the Disney+ service. This will make it easier to collect images and information on characters, places, and other things crucial for filling out the encyclopedia on remaining information in the Doug universe.

Now this may be farfetched, the possibility of a continuation or reboot of the series may happen (similar to how Rugrats is planning on being rebooted in a year or two.) Now this is merely a possibility, as we can examine the recent trends of older shows receiving reboots (Blue's Clues, Full House, etc.) Whether or not this is going to happen, well, that's up to Disney - but we can dream, can't we?

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