Hello there,

In light of recent edits to the wiki, I am in the process of adopting the wiki. This means a new admin is joining the wiki to prevent stuff like this from happening ever again.

If you don't know what these edits were, they were to Patti Mayonnaise and Roger Klotz. These pages were disturbed by a user I will not name, but what they did I have undone (to Patti's page, anyway - Roger's was done by someone else. If you're reading this, thanks!). This included inserting thousands of words into them and replacing the infobox picture. However, while these edits were reverted, I am now nervous for the future of the wiki.

"What if this happens again?"

This is where I step in, for I am becoming an administrator. Hopefully we can prevent stuff like this from happening ever again, and make the Doug Wiki a great place for fans of the show to read, and talk, about the show!

Thanks for your time,

ON THE BATTLEFRONT 06:29, February 1, 2020 (UTC)

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