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Todd Bentley is a 7-year-old boy who developed an obsession with Doug Funnie in the episode, Doug's Fan Club. After Doug Funnie performed a magic trick, Doug became friends with him for a while. Doug taught Todd to play the banjo, and showed him pictures of him as a baby. Todd then said to Doug that he is the best and nicest guy in Bluffington, which made Doug feel weird.

The next day, Todd came with a friend to show him how he had another friend who was older, but Doug ran away with Skeeter Valentine and Chalky Studebaker.

At the Honker Burger, Todd asks Doug why his face turns red every time that he sees Patti. Doug got so mad at Todd that he yelled at Todd. Todd then ran away and tried to live in a tree, but then it rained and Doug got a phone call from Todd's mom and had an anxiety attack, believing that Todd was dead.


  • Todd is one of three or four people who is aware of Doug's crush on Patti.
  • Todd is not accepted by his peers due to his unusual behavior.
  • Doug met Todd at Judy's Pee-Wee Shakespeare class, where he is an actor in Judy's plays.
  • Judy finds Todd annoying.
  • Todd probably has ADHD and/or Autism.