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The Beets

The Beets are a popular band featured in Doug. They are popular among the kids of Bluffington, and the favorite band of Doug Funnie, Porkchop, and Skeeter Valentine, and reigned during their 6th grade years. However, by the time that Doug and his friends reached 7th grade, the Beets would have a bitter breakup.


  • Munroe Yoder - Lead Singer/Bass (voiced by Doug Preis)
  • Chap Lipman - Guitar (voiced by Doug Preis)
  • Flounder - Drums (voiced by Fred Newman)
  • Wendy Nespah - Keyboard/Tuba (voiced by Becca Lish)



  • Beets Me (from "Doug Rocks")
  • Beet the Heat
  • The What Album (from Doug's Big Game)
  • Let It Beet (from the book, Doug's Treasure Hunt)
  • Meet the Beets (mentioned in Doug's Big Game)



  • In "Doug Rocks", it's stated that Wendy Nespah or Chap Lipman is the lead singer, however, in all their appearances it seems to be Munroe Yoder who is the lead singer.
  • Their original name was the "Pickled Beets," a spoof of the Silver Beetles.
  • Fans of the band are referred to as "beetniks", a parody of beatniks.
  • They are a parody of the popular 1960’s rock band The Beatles, but their sound is a parody of the Ramones. Munroe Yoder is based on John Lennon while Chap Lipman is based on Ringo Starr. Flounder and Wendy Nespah are based on Paul McCartney and George Harrison, respectively.
  • The Beets' first #1 single was "I Sneezed On My Face", a parody of "I've Just Seen a Face."
  • The Beets' album "Beets Me" features a very small picture of Chap Lipman after his gallbladder surgery.
    • It may also be a reference to the "clues" to the Paul is Dead urban legend
  • Nickelodeon has released a few music videos using their songs with clips from the show.
  • Gigi Amici is Wendy Nespah's pet fruit bat.
  • Munroe is a phonetic anagram of Ramone.
  • The What Album is a parody of the Beatles album, The White Album.
  • "Let it Beet" is a parody of "Let It Be".
  • Meet the Beets is a parody of Meet the Beatles.
  • Their breakup which occurred through bitter bickering would parody The Beatles breakup as well. Though it has been widely believed that Yoko Ono was the main reason why they broke up, this claim was in fact largely an urban legend. The Lennon-Ono relationship was in fact just one of several factors which contributed to the breakup, as members of The Beatles were in fact bickering for other reasons which involved their individual artistic aspirations. John Lennon even once quipped that the breakup of The Beatles could be heard on The White Album, which was made during a time when they were starting to bicker more. His relationship with Ono at best merely gave acceleration to the already developing hostility among The Beatles