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"I'm a hack! My career is over!"

Stanley Steel is the creator of Doug's favorite comic book serial "Man-O-Steel Man". Stanley Steel is an obvious parody of well-known comic book creator, Stan Lee.

Role in Doug's Fantasies[]

After entering a contest to meet Stanley Steel in the Man-O-Steel Man comic, Doug imagined the situation that would arise if he actually got to work with Stanley:



Stanley: "I don't know what to do! What's Man-O-Steel Man's next move? I'm stumped! I'm a hack! My career is over!"

Doug: "Why don't you have Man-O-Steel man.. vanquish an evil-doer?"

Stanley: "THATS IT! Thats genius! You've saved my career!'"

Unfortunately for Doug, this situation never came to pass, as a wacky misunderstanding led to his contest entry being switched with his sister Judy's college application.