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Sky Davis (real name Chuck) is a professional basketball player and creator of the "Air Jets", a line of athletic shoes.


Sky Davis appears in Doug's Cool Shoes in a commercial for his new line of sneakers called the "Air Jets". He is signing autographs at the Shoes n' Shoes store at the Four-Leaf Clover Mall. Doug is interested in buying his shoes, but doesn't have enough money for them.

At the end of the episode, Sky Davis sits next to him on a bench and compliments Doug's shoes. Doug wonders why he's not wearing his "Air Jets", and Sky Davis replies that the shoes he's wearing he's had for a long time and their his "off-court buddies". He won't ever get rid of them, which inspires Doug to do the same. Before he leaves, Doug asks for an autograph which Sky Davis happily does saying now Doug has a real pair of Sky Davis Shoes. He then asks Doug for his autograph, mentioning that they're "sole brothers". Sky Davis walks away telling Doug to "stay cool, man".


  • Sky Davis is a parody of Michael Jordan who goes by the nickname, "Air Jordan" and has a released shoe line with the same name.
  • He has a very similar haircut to Roger Klotz.
  • He is one of many Doug characters who don’t go by their full name, his full name being Chuck.