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The Rulemeister is a an alter-ego of Mr. Bone and enemy of Quailman. He debuted in Doug Battles the Rulemeister.


The Rulemeister is a stickler for rules, creating ridiculous ones such as making everyone stand on their head at 3 o'clock. He successfully eliminated the weekends from Earth because of Quailman's disobedience. Quailman manages to sneak into his home and accuses the Rulemeister of breaking one of his own rules, wearing mis-matching socks on a day other than the weekend. The Rulemeister breaks down into tears, allowing Quailman to slow down the Earth's rotation allowing another day to be added to the calendar.


The Rulemeister wears a red suit over a tan shirt and black tie with black pants and black boots. He has a red mustache and wears a black hat with a yellow monocle.