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Roger Martin Klotz (born November 20th, 1975) is the main antagonist, and a supporting character, of the Nickelodeon and Disney animated series Doug.

He is Doug Funnie's enemy (and later, his friend), and often goes to great extents to bully him or make him look stupid in front of his crush, Patti Mayonnaise. Having being held back several times, he is in the 6th grade at Bluffington School (7th grade at Beebe Bluff Middle School in the Disney version).


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In the Nickelodeon series, Roger was poor (Disney made him rich) and lives with his mother, who is a monster truck driver. Due to the fact that he repeated the sixth grade about three times, he is about 14-15 years old.

He has a cat named Stinky and appears to be loving with his family despite the fact that he is rude to most kids in school. His three best friends are Ned Cauphee, Willie White, and Boomer Bledsoe. In “Doug's Worst Nightmare”, he also develops a crush on Doug's older sister Judy Funnie.


Despite his grades being terrible, Roger is far from being stupid or untalented. Roger has been shown several times to be something of a renaissance man as he is quite gifted in the arts such as painting, acting, ballet dancing and playing instruments. (He’s good at painting, to the fact he can outclass Doug.)

Relationships With Other Characters[]

Although Roger has three best friends who are loyal to him (unless they are afraid of getting in trouble), most people in Bluffington dislike him due to his bullying and obnoxious behavior. He doesn't seem to mind this position, however, and revels in it, unless he wants to impress a girl.

Doug Funnie[]

Doug has known Roger from the first day he moved to Bluffington in the first episode, "Doug Bags a Neematoad", where Roger and his gang tried to trick him into believing that he could be a hero by catching a Neematoad at Stintson's Pond. Roger addresses Doug by his last name "Funnie" most of the time; whenever Roger needs his help, he acts nice and calls him Doug, one example of this seen in “Doug's Fat Cat”.

He goes out of his way to bully Doug, which includes dropping by his house for seemingly no reason in the middle of the weekend, just to tell him he can't dance, in the second episode, "Doug Can't Dance".

Despite this however there have been some instances of friendship between them. This was shown in the episode "Doug Saves Roger" when Roger turned to Doug for help when Lamar Bone's nephew, Percy, constantly bullies him, even worse than how Roger does it to Doug.

He has a certain level of trust in Doug, as seen when he asks Doug to look after his beloved cat Stinky.

Patti Mayonnaise[]

It can be assumed that Roger has a crush on Patti... but more importantly, she is the reason he passes most of his classes. Patti, however, does not appreciate Roger's rudeness, and while she gets annoyed by him sometimes, she still considers him a friend.

Roger getting her help to pass his classes would go too far; in “Doug to the Rescue” he pesters Patti to help him, though the girl loudly refused to help him... in the middle of class. That landed ace student and nice girl Patti Mayonnaise in detention, and Doug’s not happy about it.

Skeeter Valentine[]

Like with Doug, Roger also torments Skeeter by calling him “Skeetface” or “Mosquito“.

Beebe Bluff[]

Beebe hates Roger with a passion, especially when she goes broke and Roger becomes rich. In one episode of the Disney series, though, he develops a crush on her and tries to change so she'll ask him to a dance.

Connie Benge[]

Roger seems to be on neutral terms with Connie, although she develops a crush on him in the Disney series. On one episode, Roger dared Doug to take off her hat when she had a bad hair day. And when Doug refused and got kissed by Patti, Roger wounded up taking off Connie's hat anyway, and got payback.

Boomer, Ned and Willie[]

These three knuckleheads are Roger's closest friends at school and function as his gang - Roger being the leader, though he is not above showing a lack of respect for them. They all get dragged into his schemes, and usually abuses them to do what he wants, and when he gets in trouble, his gang members ditch him.

Judy Funnie[]

He develops a huge crush on her in one episode and tries to become Shakespearean so she'll love him back. Then when he realizes how melodramatic she really is, he loses interest. (Though it's possible she played this up just to get him off her back.)


  • Changes in the Disney show:
    • Roger adds a new voice actor in Chris Phillips (already doing one of Roger's cronies, one of the few changes fans liked because it sounded like his original voice... unlike the changes to Doug's.
    • He's rich and now lives in a mansion which is next to Beebee’s mansion.
    • The sleeves of his jacket are now ripped off.
  • It's possible that Roger might be dyslexic or semi-illiterate as stated in a few episodes (Doug's Secret Admirer, Doug's Runaway Journal, and Doug's Big News).
  • Roger finds out, along with Doug, that his cat Stinky is a mother of the kittens in Doug's Fat Cat.
  • In a interview with Billy West, he stated that Roger is now all grown up and in jail. (He did never say the reason though.)
  • In the episode “Doug on TV” Roger was on the show “Kiddie Korral” under the cowboy name “Rowdy Roger” because his grandmother made him do it and she still thinks that he’s a 2-year-old.
    • And to think Doug was embarrassed when he was on it.
  • Roger is left-handed, like Doug and Beebe.
  • Roger's star sign is a Leo.
  • Roger's favorite colors are black and white.

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