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RoboBone is an alter-ego of Lamar Bone as seen in his Quailman fantasy. He appeared in Doug Meets RoboBone.


After the Bluffington School convinced the The Beets to perform at their school, Mr. Bone told them it's not going to happen, because it was music he didn't like. Although the class found it unfair, Mr. Bone said "the subject is closed". Afterwards, Doug imagined himself as Quailman and Mr. Bone as RoboBone, a robotic version of the teacher known for his yodeling clones and their catchphrase, "the subject is closed!". RoboBone ordered his clones to patrol the school and capture students who did not follow the rules. They have the ability to yodel in harmony, but only in one key, until Quailman suggested they try using a full vocal range which made their yodeling tolerable. Quailman was able to press a button on RoboBone's body the freed his friends.

Afterwards, it turns out RoboBone and the Bonettes became a yodeling sensation, releasing a full-length album and getting on the cover of the Rolling Bone magazine.