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Retro Essentials

Retro Essentials is a digital DVD released in 2012, it contains four episodes from season one, two episodes from season two, two episodes from season three, two episodes from season four.


Everyone’s favorite kid journal writer from Bluffington is now available for download in Doug Retro Essentials! In this great collection, there’s no shortage of love, mishaps, and of course, Quailman. When they’re paired up in cooking class, Doug invites Patti over to his house to practice some easy recipes. Can he also cook up some romance with the love of his life? Doug loses Skeeter’s kid brother while babysitting him and has to search high and low to find him! Beebe gets Doug and Skeeter their very first gig, but they have to let her in the band if they want it to happen! And oh no! Doug loses his journal! If that wasn’t bad enough, Roger is the one who finds it! Plus, the gang get ready for graduation. Everyone is super excited to leave Bluffington School, so why is Doug so sad? Join Doug as he experiences all that life has to offer a 12-year-old. And for the stuff that’s too tough to handle? Well, Quailman is the one for the job!


10a Doug's Doodle

10b Doug's Runaway Journal

11a Doug's Cookin'

11b Doug Loses Dale

23a Doug's Hot Ticket

23b Doug's Dental Disaster

38a Doug and the Yard of Doom

38b Doug's Garage Band

52a Doug Graduates

52b Doug's Bad Trip