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"Quailman vs. Supersport" is the 44th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on November 28, 1998, on ABC.


At school, Doug loses to Patti at basketball, soccer, baseball and ping-pong in front of Skeeter, Roger, Ned, and Willie. But when the dream begins, a new sidekick named Supersport joins Quailman and Quaildog, but she is kidnapped by an evil villain named Dr. Klotzfinger. The Dark Quail comes out of Quailman's body, but Quailman later chases after him. Quailman and Quaildog come and defeat Klotzfinger and rescue Supersport. Quailman and Supersport almost kiss, and the dream ends. Doug is later visited by Patti and shows to her the cartoon he was drawing. Patti sends Doug home to Phil and Theda and Judy.