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"Quailman and the Quintuple Quandary" is the 52nd of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on March 27, 1999, on ABC.


In the scene with the "Doug" logo, Quailman takes over again, but tries to get squirted with ink by the squid, and Quaildog rescues him. Doug visits with Mr. Dink and finds out he has no time for the badge test in front of Mrs. Dink because of the gadgets that will not work. At school, Doug explains to Patti the fact that he will not earn the snorking badge due to the misfunctioning gadgets. Quailman and Quaildog head for an adventure to search for Professor Quint. The two enter the museum, while Quailman is trapped under the big stone foot, and Quaildog is surrounded by a squid and fights it and rescues him when a fake big whale pushes the stone foot out. Quailman explains to the commissioner the five facts of the wrongdoing of Squintguili (one is stealing the painting, the second is spraying graffiti on the wall, the third is picking the night watchman's pocket, the fourth is breaking into the jewelry case, and the fifth is entering the museum without paying). Thanks to Quaildog, the night watchman describes the criminal with five arms named Squint. Quailman tells Professor Quint a.k.a. Squint that instead of dividing the attention five ways at once, he can learn one thing with five times the concentration. Suddenly, Doug says to Mr. Dink that the gadgets break because Mr. Dink divides the attention five ways at once instead of learning one thing with five times the concentration. Quailman and Quaildog find Squint and let him make good decisions. After having listened to Squintguili, Quailman destroys the five comets with the rocket and saves the earth. Doug and Patti visit with Mr. Dink once again, and Mr. Dink sets aside one hour a week with his cheese project and starts taking time to read the directions. After taking the badge test, Doug passes with flying colors and earns the snorking badge and walks with Patti to Swirly's.