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"Quailman VII: Quaildad" is the 38th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on October 3, 1998, on ABC.


In the scene by the "Doug" logo, Quailman takes over, and Quaildog appears. Quailman's dad, Quaildad, arrives and joins Quailman and Quaildog, who are going after the Golden Salmon. At the bottom of the sea, Quailman and his companions chase the Golden Salmon, and on dry land they appear at the volcano, which has lava and an on/off switch. Later, after Quaildad leaves, Quailman and Quaildog are visited by the Golden Salmon, who dresses himself as Patti. With help from Quaildog and Quailman, Quaildad uses his bald spot that destroys the cosmic imperviator. When the dream ends, Doug and Phil end up at the concert, visited by Patti.



Mr. Absolutely Nothing Man could be a parody of The Beatles' Nowhere Man, but this is unconfirmed.