"Quailman: The Un-Quail Saga" is the 57th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on May 1, 1999, on ABC.


In the scene by the "Doug" logo, when Quailman is missing, his sidekick Quaildog takes over. Quailman is finally getting recognition. Doug has been offered to draw a Quailman comic for the school paper, The Weekly Beebe. But the night before Doug's Quailman comic is due, Doug has not begun drawing. Meanwhile in a Quailman daydream, Rubbersuit gives out a present called Bob-i-nite and renders Quailman powerless. Quailman has lost his powers and feels he can't save Megalopolis without them, which allows Rubbersuit to steal all the beets in the entire city. Later, he traps Ms. Mayonnaise and Cameraman Skeeter in the glass. Quailman uses the malted milkballs and defeats Rubbersuit.



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