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Percy Femur is a character who appears only in the episodes "Doug Saves Roger", "Doug's Big Feat", and "Doug's Hoop Nightmare". He is the maternal nephew of Mr. Bone.


Percy is much taller then any student at Doug's school. He has a very deep voice, and his hairstyle is a crew cut with a single strand of hair in a ponytail. He wears green boots, with blue camouflaged pants tucked in at the bottom, and a red sweater overtop a white undershirt.


Unlike Roger, who is quite insecure and deep down actually a good guy, Percy is just mean-spirited and enjoys causing pain and suffering to smaller kids at his original school. He bullies Roger for the majority of the time he spends at Bluffington. Doug eventually stands up for Roger, Percy sets his sights on him and threatens to beat him up after school the next day. Despite being a powerhouse, Percy is deathly afraid of his very strict uncle, getting yanked away from the scene by the ear (though he does try to show love and care towards his uncle during his visit).