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This page details Patti Mayonnaise's History.

The only child of Mrs. Mayonnaise and Chad Mayonnaise, Patti Mayonnaise is an athlete and top student who is at the 6th grade at Bluffington School (7th at Beebe Bluff Middle School in Disney's show).

Prior to the show[]

Patricia Mayonnaise was born around 11-12 years ago in Bluffington. A native of the town, she made friends with the kids there, amongst them Skeeter Valentine.

Around when she's a toddler (some 2-5 years later), she and her family went to a beach. There Patti took a picture, which she has kept ever since. ("Patti's Dad Dilemma")

Four years before the show's events (Theda Funnie's dialogue in "Patti's Dad Dilemma"[1]) Mrs. Mayonnaise died in a tragic car accident that crippled Chad, forcing him to use a wheelchair. To this day, he is still in a wheelchair.

Nickelodeon Series events[]

Season 1[]

Patti rides a bicycle around the Honker Burger, something seen by the new kid. The kid develops a crush on her. Skeeter introduces him to her; she learns that the new kid's name is Doug Funnie. She tells him he doesn't need to apologise for squirting ketchup on a girl; it actually landed in her burger! ("Doug Bags a Neematoad")

The movie[]

Initially, Patti works with Doug to organise the dance, but when Guy Graham butts in and Doug has to deal with the discovery of Herman Melville, she works with Guy, forsaking Doug for Guy because Doug used the monster to impress her.

It was until the end of the movie that Patti, having seen the monster in the flesh, forgives Doug for his actions, offering him a dance nearby Crystal Lake. They both took hands and danced for quite a while.


  1. Taking the mentioned four years prior to the show and assuming Patti is 11 by the first chronogical episode of the Nick series, she would be 7.