"Patti's Dad Dilemma" is the 56th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on April 24, 1999, on ABC.


In the scene with the usual "Doug" logo, it's blank. Doug instead draws Patti's house as she enters the scene with her dad rolling by. Patti then writes the title of the episode. Patti worries her Dad, Chad, is dating Edwina Klotz, so she does everything, including eating at Chez Honk to find out. Doug and Patti discover Chad is dating someone; but it's not Edwina, it's their teacher Ms. Krystal. When she has dinner at the Mayonnaise's, Patti feels she is trying to replace her mother. Patti sobs when her mother has died. She then sees her mom's grave and is seen by her dad. After the loss of Doug's hamster Happy and Ms. Krystal's parrot Lord Byron, Ms. Krystal and Doug begin to cry. Meanwhile, Doug finds out the truth about what happened to his pet goldfish as a kid.



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