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Opal Funnie is Phil Funnie's mother Theda’s mother-in-law and Doug and Judy's grandmother. She makes her debut in "Doug on the Wild Side".


Opal is very active, despite her old age and loves to live life on the wild side. She lives by the motto "Life is a picnic and I'm starving." According to Phil, she doesn't believe in watches.


In "Doug on the Wild Side", Opal came down to visit her family. Upon her arrival, she gives unorthodox gifts to her family, ones she has acquired from her adventures around the world. Doug was initially nervous to spend the day with her due to her adventurous personality but soon learned to enjoy the open road and got to try sushi for the first time. She even encouraged Doug to pay Patti a compliment. Even though she lives a completely different lifestyle than her family, she still loves spending time with them.