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Mr. Swirly is a minor character that appears in Doug. He is owner and operator of Mr. Swirly's Ice Cream Factory. He is very hard working and loves his job.


In Doug, Mayor for a Day, Mr. Swirly calls Mayor White explaining that the refrigeration in his factory failed and there will be no ice cream to celebrate career day. Although the mayor doesn't help him, Doug suggests letting the chips hit the fan in the factory.

In Doug Door to Door, Doug visits Mr. Swirly in an attempt to trick him into buying the Bluff Scout Booster Bars. Although he likes the chocolate, Doug confesses that it wasn't the Booster Bar, and gives him a sample of the actual chocolate, which he immediately dislikes. He realizes the company that makes the booster bars is actually his own, and him and Doug rush to his factory in order to find out the problem. After discovering the problem, Mr. Swirly calls Doug a hero and thanks him for his help.