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Loretta LaQuigly is a minor character that first appears in the episode Doug and the Little Liar.


When Doug Funnie and Skeeter Valentine first meet Loretta LaQuigly, she mentions she is from Yakistonia and she has an aunt named Marlene Laflamme, who is a famous actress. Skeeter develops a huge crush on her. When Doug mentions Loretta to Fentruck, Fentruck states that she speaks with a fake accent.

Even though Doug believes Fentruck, he doesn't want to hurt his best friend. When they go the movies, Loretta doesn't have any money and Skeeter volunteers to pay for her. Doug believes she's just using him to get what she wants and plans to confront her after school on Monday.

However, things escalate when Skeeter calls Doug from the mall telling him they are getting ready for a Yakistonia ski trip. Doug rushes to the mall and calls out Loretta on her lies, and she admits she only knows a few Yakistonisian phrases but she was telling the truth about her aunt being Marlene Laflamme.

Afterwards she makes a few cameos in other episodes.