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File:Doug's Lucky Hat 1.jpgFile:Doug's Lucky Hat 2.jpgFile:Doug's Magic Act.jpg
File:Doug's Mail Order Mania 1.jpgFile:Doug's Mail Order Mania 2.jpgFile:Doug's Mail Order Mania 3.jpg
File:Doug's Marriage Madness.pngFile:Doug's Math Problem.jpgFile:Doug's Midnight Kiss.png
File:Doug's Minor Catastrophe.pngFile:Doug's Monster Movie.jpgFile:Doug's Movie Madness.png
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File:Doug's Runaway Journal 17.jpgFile:Doug's Runaway Journal 18.jpgFile:Doug's Runaway Journal 19.jpg
File:Doug's Runaway Journal 20.jpgFile:Doug's Runaway Journal 21.jpgFile:Doug's Runaway Journal 22.jpg
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File:Doug's Runaway Journal 32.jpgFile:Doug's Runaway Journal 33.jpgFile:Doug's Runaway Journal 34.jpg
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File:Doug's Runaway Journal 38.jpgFile:Doug's Runaway Journal 39.jpgFile:Doug's Runaway Journal 40.jpg
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