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Lawrence "Larry" is a student at Bluffington School, and a member of the A.V. Club. He is also a member of the newspaper "Daily Honker". He is close friends with fellow A.V. members Elmo, Brian, and Lincoln.


Larry mostly appears as a background character, however, he does have minor roles in some episodes.

In Doug's Pet Capades, he, alongside Skeeter, helped Doug and Porkchop with their routines for the Pet Capades.

Larry's biggest role is in Doug's Big Brawl. At the beginning of the episode, Larry is being bullied by Roger and his gang on the bus. They play monkey in the middle with his hat, causing him to become furious. The hat accidentally lands on Doug's pencil while he's drawing, however he innocently lifts the hat up in the air for someone to claim it. Larry takes this as Doug being a part of the bullying and challenges Doug to a fight outside the school. Although Doug initially doesn't want to fight, Larry punches Doug in the face, causing Doug to retaliate and knock Larry out. Throughout the rest of the episode, Larry with the help of his A/V friends, make threats and insult Doug through signs, and TV broadcasts. When Doug finally confronts Larry, he learns that the other members of the A/V club were doing all the propaganda and that Larry didn't want anything to do with it. In order to get everyone off their backs, Doug and Larry stage a fake fight and make up in the end.

In Doug Throws a Party, Larry is invited to Doug's party and participates in Truth or Dare. He reveals he has a crush on Beebe Bluff, causing him to pass out from embarassment.

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  • In earlier episodes, Larry's skin was a pale green.