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Killer Tofu is a song performed by The Beets.


  • "Doug Rocks" - Heard throughout the episode and the first half of the ending credits
  • "Doug to the Rescue" - Heard briefly when Patti put on her headphones in detention.
  • "Doug Loses Dale" - Heard when Doug is in the Honker Burger with his friends talking about babysitting (without lyrics).
  • "Doug Gets His Ears Lowered" - Heard in the background when Doug gets his haircut from Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow's barbershop, without lyrics.
  • "Doug Says Goodbye" - When Skeeter moves in with Doug, they blast this song on the radio which then carries on into the scene at the Honker Burger. The song plays again at the end of the episode when Skeeter reveals his new room, and then again at the party (without lyrics).
  • "Doug's Secret Song" - Heard briefly in Video Goofball where Patti was recording her music video. She is heard singing it again when Doug and Skeeter play her video.
  • "Doug Meets RoboBone" - Heard in the entire opening when Doug and his classmates are in the auditorium. Heard again after Doug reads the letter saying The Beets will perform in their school.
  • "Doug's Hot Ticket" - Sung by Doug and Skeeter when they go to the ticket booth the first time. An instrumental version is playing when they're in the ticket line.
  • "Doug's Lucky Hat" - Plays over the radio when Doug calls in to K-BLUF, without lyrics.
  • "Doug's Huge Zit" - Plays in the background during the Incog-NEAT-o Ball, without lyrics.
  • "Doug's Garage Band" - Instrumental version plays in the background of one of Doug's fantasies.


Killer Tofu!
Fast food feels fuzzy
'Cause it's made from stuff that's scuzzy
I always thought I was such a nerd
I refused to touch that strange bean curd
I wouldn't eat it (WOO!)
Killer Tofu!
Killer Tofu!
I eat my sugared cereal
But it makes my teeth bacterial
If you're feeling kind of cruddy (E-i-e)
Just stick right by your buddy (E-i-e-o)
And don't eat...t-t-t-t-t-t-too much fried food! (YEAH!)
Killer Tofu!
Killer Tofu!



  • Bits of "Killer Tofu" were first heard on Nickelodeon in Doug Rocks on September 8, 1991. Ironically, this was just over two weeks before a historic rock concert known as Monsters of Rock Moscow, which symbolized the weakened status of the Soviet Union and also the impending collapse of the country in December 1991.
  • The word Tofu rhymes with Foo. Ironically, band members of Nirvana at the time Killer Tofu was sang on Doug would later form a band called Foo Fighters in 1994 soon after Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's death. Killer Tofu was also sang at a time when Nickelodeon was a part of MTV Networks.
  • The song is used for the first half of the credits in "Doug Takes a Hike/Doug Rocks".
  • According to Frizzy, the original name of the song was called "Szechuan Bean Curd", but Monroe thought it was too hard to rhyme.
  • In later episodes, the instrumental version of "Killer Tofu" becomes the staple background song of the Honker Burger.