Judith Anastasia "Judy" Funnie is the older sister of Doug Funnie. She's often seen with a flair for the (overly) dramatic, usually seen wearing only purple and black, and rarely takes off her beret nor her sunglasses.


She is the oldest child in her family and while she's never particularly rebellious, she's very dramatic (due to being an actress) and often difficult to deal with.

However, she's very intelligent and artistic and therefore attends the Moody School, a school for artistically talented teenagers. Judy is sometimes tapped to give or direct performances at Bluffington Elementary, and although Doug initially dreads these events out of fear that Judy will embarrass him (as she has done in the past), Judy's productions usually turn out to be well received.

Although she and Doug have sibling rivalry like any normal pair of siblings, she loves him and it's very clear that they're close, and her teasing of him is usually good-natured.

Jim Jinkins once pitched a spin-off series to Disney that would have focused on Judy, but Disney rejected it.

Physical Appearance

She has red hair. She wears a purple sweater dress, a black shirt, black tights, and purple boots.



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