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"Judy, Judy, Judy" is the 31st episode of Doug in the Disney era, the fifth episode of the overall 6th season, and the 132nd episode overall. It first aired on October 11, 1997, on ABC.


In the scene by the "Doug" logo blocked by three Judy names, Judy takes over Doug's role as the lead and narration, while Doug and Porkchop are tied up. A new girl named Gwen meets with Judy and calls her "Jenny-Penny". Judy helps out with Gwen Gauntlet, her favorite actress and teen role model, while she is in town to shoot an entertainment show. Judy hopes she can get a recommendation from Gwen for Vole University. However, Gwen is so self-absorbed that it tests the limits of Judy's patience. Doug runs into Gwen, but is yelled at by her. Judy angrily throws a huge tantrum and tells Gwen and corrects her by saying that her name is "Judy", not "Jenny-Penny". Gwen finally calls Judy the correct name called "Judy" and nicely meets her brother Doug and parents Phil and Theda. Meanwhile, Doug and Skeeter think they've shot proof of the monster on Judy's video camera and Judy won't let them see the tape.



  • This is the first episode where Doug is not the center of attention.
  • Judy Funnie throws a tantrum twice in this episode.