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"Judy's Big Admission" is the 48th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on January 9, 1999, on ABC.


In the scene by the "Doug" logo, a big egg renders Doug unconscious. Judy crosses it off and puts in her name and the words "big admission". Judy auditions for an acting admission to Vole University, and she accidentally hands in Doug's doodle to the Dean. Judy ends up accepted to Vole, but only because of Doug's doodle. Judy is okay with it until the Dean asks her to draw examples for a class. Meanwhile, Doug tags along with Judy and finds out what he really wants to do with the rest of his life as he waits for the results from a drawing talent contest.


  • Vole University is possibly a reference to Yale University.
  • These are one of the two episodes that Judy Funnie is wearing a butterfly suit.