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J.B. Spiggot is a famous movie director that was first seen in Doug Goes Hollywood. He is the owner of Big Shot Movie Production.


J.B. Spiggot has purple skin and wears a pink polo shirt with white shorts, white socks, and white shoes. He wears a pair of black sunglasses and a yellow necklace. He has a five o'clock shadow and is bald at the top of the head and a ponytail out the back.


J.B. Spiggot has an eye for camera work and stars, and whispers almost everything he's saying to his assistant, Curtis.


In Doug Goes Hollywood, J.B. Spiggot and his assistant travel to Bluffington in order to find new talent for an upcoming movie. Everyone in Bluffington, except for Doug, knows who he is. Skeeter explains that he was the producer of the Wafflestomper movie series. Mayor White announces that J.B. Spiggot will be in Bluffington the next few days scouting out talent for his next movie, so everyone should act as if he's not there. Unfortunately for him, everyone in town begins dressing up and putting on performances for him. When it comes time to announce the newest star, they select Porkchop who believes he'll be perfect in the role of the new dog food commercial. The crowd of people become angry when they realize why they were there if the movie was only going to feature a dog. The camera pans to J.B. who says, in a very shy and pleasant tone, "Well, someone has to open the can."