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Master control program

Not an accurate representation of IT.

Moo moo farm

Well I'm sold.


An accurate representation of IT.

Nobody cares

Nobody cares.


Is it a deadly vampire bat? ... No..

IT is actually a moldy russet potato grown by Mrs. R. Smith of Piccolo County..

But the resemblance is quite eerie! Eh heh heh heh."

- Doug equivalent of Vincent Price


What is IT? IT is what IT is. Lured by exciting billboards and signs, many have come to see IT. And in turn, many have been disappointed by IT. What did they expect IT to be? Perhaps if the billboards hadn't been so large and brightly coloured it wouldn't have created a false self of wonder about IT, but there's no point complaining about IT. If IT makes you feel better, there is plenty of IT merchandise to be had on your your way out. Who wouldn't want a baseball cap with IT on IT. Come on, IT wasn't that bad. Don't be such a dick about IT. IT happens.