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Hoop Dogz is an American computer animated Christian 4-part direct-to-video series based off the Ten Commandments created by Jim Jinkins at Cartoon Pizza.

  1. God Good. Idols Bad!: The premiere episode of Hoop Dogz introduces children to V.J. Bumpus, who learns the hard way that worshipping a rock idol like Madd Doggy Dogg will only land him in the doghouse. When V.J. and his canine friends put on a dramatization of the Bible's "Moses and the Golden Calf at Mt. Sinai," the Hoop Dogz finally discover the true meaning behind the second commandment, "You shall have no idols before me."
  2. Stealing's Uncool: V.J. dreams of winning Wobble Hill's upcoming Slam Bam Hoop Jam. Unfortunately, he can't make a basket until he uses an Ultra Dunkinator 3000 basketball, which is said to contain the breath of a real pro basketball player. Now, urged by his conniving, so-called friend, Hot Dog, V.J. is faced with the temptation to steal the ball to use in the upcoming tournament and break the eighth commandment, "Thou shalt not steal."
  3. God Is #1: V.J. is under strict orders from his mom not to ride the new super-turbo Ferris wheel at the Collie Island amusement park, but when his basketball hero shows up promoting the ride, V.J. struggles to choose between listening to his mom and his hero. Meanwhile, when Chad mistakenly orders 20,000 snow tires, his ministry is derailed, and he finds himself no longer following the first commandment to put God first, but trying to sell his stuff instead.
  4. A Promise Is a Promise: After the Hoop Dogz make a triple dog vow of loyalty to each other and their basketball team, their star, Trina, is recruited by the rival Puppy Sonics. She devises a plan to play for both teams and hopes no one will discover her secret. However, when the two teams play each other at the Wobble Hill Hoopty-Hoop Challenge, Trina must make a decision. Inspired by the seventh commandment, this episode encourages keeping commitments.


  • Ralph Coppola - V.J. Bumpas
  • Kaitlin Nichols - Trina Piquant
  • Bobby Distler - Wiener Dog
  • Ben Robert - Hudney Bumpas
  • Chad Dimple - Himself
  • Ellen Marguiles - Rebecca Ruth St. Esther Eve
  • Cornell Womack - Brother Moe
  • Nadine Mozon - Yorleen Bumpas
  • Juan Von Michelangelo - Madd Doggy Dogg
  • Ron Knight - Announcer
  • Nicholas Franzese - Ashish
  • Gillian Roberts - Keisha