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Fentruck Stimmel is a foreign exchange student from Yakistonia. He makes his debut in Doug Meets Fentruck.


Fentruck is a very nice guy and wants to make friends and fit in at Bluffington, so he will do whatever he can to please people. Because of this, he can be seen as being naive because of his. Although he doesn't have the best English, he is able to communicate effectively.


Fentruck has green skin with green hair. He wears yellow glasses and an orange sweater over a white shirt with purple sweat pants and orange clogs. He speaks with a thick accent. His left ear is pierced with a small silver hoop.


In Doug Meets Fentruck, Fentruck has recently moved to Bluffington from a far away country called Yakestonia. Although he is from a country that has a heavy culture, his family does not partake in those traditions. Roger Klotz and his gang pick on Fentruck throughout the episode, but he is happy just to be making new friends. It is revealed he's living at Mr. Bone's house and loves to yodel. Furthermore, the yodeling group he participates in funded his trip to Bluffington. He requests Doug's help to write a letter to the "Blonde-hair girl who sits in front of me", which Doug mistakes as a love letter to Patti Mayonnaise. In honor of their friendship, Fentruck gives Doug a jar filled with the rarest air from the top of a mountain in Yakestonia, which causes Fentruck to begin crying from homesickness. When Doug confronts Fentruck about the letter, Fentruck clears up the confusion by saying the "blonde hair girl who sits in front of me" is his sister, which he then reveals a picture of him and his siblings.

In Doug and the Little Liar, Fentruck helps Doug wake up Skeeter by using an Yakestonian remedy. Fentruck then informs Doug that he met Loretta LaQuigley, and mentioned that she doesn't speak Yakestonian fluently.