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Elaine Perigrew (also known as Mrs. Perigrew) is a minor character who debuted in Doug's a Genius. She is an advanced art teacher at the Moody School, but also teaches recreational art on Saturdays at the Museum of Bluff to members of the Art Guild.


Mrs. Perigrew debuted in Doug's a Genius, where she teaches the Art Guild in the Museum of Bluff. After mistakenly seeing the footprints on the back of Doug's painting, she immediately assumed he was a genius. She later visits Doug at his home, bringing a reporter to discuss his artwork.

At the art show, Doug finally admits to Mrs. Pergirew and everyone else that his "painting" was just the footprints of his dog and a stray raccoon. Although she is disappointed, she appreciates his honesty.


Mrs. Perigrew is obsessed with multiple forms of art, even the most minimalist stuff. She talks in a high-pitch, dramatic tone, and is somewhat air-headed.


She has dark green skin and wears a hoop earring on her left ear. She has yellow hair, which a few strands stick out underneath her. She wears tan robes with a purple scarf and unique turban-like headwear.