The Manual of style is a set of guidelines that pertain to the preferred layout for articles based on certain criteria. Pages should follow the guidelines listed below unless otherwise noted.


  • All created pages should have the name of the article BOLDED the first time it's used in the article text. Most likely, this will be in the first sentence.
  • All text should be written with spelling/grammar in mind. If you are unsure how to spell a word, please look it up before writing it in the article.
  • Pages should utilize the tabber feature, in order to make it more organized.
  • Vandalism, spam, or anything that is deemed inappropriate will be reverted immediately, with a warning placed on the offending user's message wall.
  • Images should be uploaded to their correct pages.
    • For more on the image policy, please look here.


Episode layouts should follow the following format:

  • {{Infobox episode}} filled with appropriate information.
  • A small introduction about the episode, episode number, season, etc.
  • A list of characters that appear in the episode.
    • If it's a character's first appearance on the show, please mark it as their "debut".
  • Synopsis - A short description of the plot of the episode.
  • Recap/Summary - A long extension of plot details.
    • Includes Doug's journal entries and his imaginations/fantasies written in italics.
  • Quotes - A small sampling of memorable quotes from the episode.
    • DO NOT list a hundred quotes from the episode, that's what the transcript sub-page is for.
  • Trivia - Fun facts about the episode including running gags, errors, or interesting notes.
  • Gallery subpage - A separate page for episode image galleries.
  • Transcript subpage - A separate page for episode transcript.


Character layouts should follow the following format:

  • {{Infobox character}} filled with appropriate information.
  • Personality - A description of their character traits.
  • Appearance - A description of their appearance. Skin color, hair color, clothes, etc.
  • Trivia - Interesting facts about the character.
  • Subpages include: List of appearances (by episode order), image gallery, and quotes.


Song page layouts should follow the following format:

  • A brief description of the song and what episode(s) it's heard.
  • A list of appearances by episode.
  • A section containing lyrics.
  • A section for trivia, if applicable.
  • An uploaded video of the song, if available. Preferably from YouTube.


Location layouts should follow the following format:

  • {{Infobox location}}
  • An opening description of the location such as what type of place it is, or where it's located.
  • A list of appearances by episode.
  • Trivia, if applicable.
  • Subpages: Image gallery.
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