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Intro (Nickelodeon version)

Nickelodeon Doug Intro

Nickelodeon version (Click here)

Intro (Disney version)

The main theme song of Doug, that is played before every episode in both versions (Nickelodeon and Disney). It is performed by Fred Newman. The theme song had added with whistling and vocalizing. The theme song's sequences (Nickelodeon and Disney) were both done by Jinkins' animation studio.



Disney's Doug Intro

Disney version (Click here)

The Nickelodeon version begins with a pencil and points to the pet dog. Doug Funnie stands and looks at Patti, waving goodbye. A drawn, heart-shaped balloon gives to Doug Funnie and flies. Roger and Stinky are doing something very bad. Doug Funnie puts away with a rope and Skeeter swings and becomes clumsy. Doug Funnie uses a rope to pull the show's logo. Doug Funnie and his pet dog are twisted. The show's creator (Jinkins) is credited.

The Disney version begins with a journal and Doug Funnie is peeking out while waving. The dog rides with a motorbike and Doug Funnie puts a helmet on. Doug Funnie and Skeeter gave high-five. Translation to the journal's page, Doug Funnie uses a pencil to draw a door to open Beebe. Beebe is chattering with a cellphone and Roger tears up the journal's page, throws it away. Stinky blows raspberries and the paper ball hits Doug Funnie. Doug Funnie erases Roger and Stinky, puts away with a pencil. The dog bites the journal's page to look at Patti and Doug Funnie was interested at her. Doug Funnie runs away to the journal's page. Patti walks in and Doug Funnie falls in love. Doug Funnie pushes the page and meeting his friends and family. His friends and family runs off and Doug Funnie spins clumsy. The dog bites Doug Funnie's vest and Doug Funnie runs off. The show's logo appears.


The original song resembles Singing and Skiing by John Denver