Doug Saves Roger is the first part of the eighth episode of the second season of Nickelodeon's Doug.



Mr. Bone's nephew Percy Femur becomes a new student at the Bluffington School and Roger gets ready to be the bully he is. But it turns out that Percy is very tough and a lot bigger than Roger, and soon, Doug has to break up a fight between Roger and Percy. Percy wants to hurt Doug, but Roger and Mr. Bone rescue Doug and send Percy back to his old school the same way he arrived.



Roger is running away from someone in fear and runs into Doug, telling him that he would stop bullying him if he hides him from the person who chases him, who Doug takes a frightened look at as the person's shadow closes in.

Main Episode

At school, Mr. Bone announces that his nephew Percy Femur is attending Bluffington for the day (expecting the kids to treat him like they would any other new student, jokingly ending it with "who happens to be my nephew") and Doug decides to perform a welcoming committee for him after stating that he remembers what happened to him during his first day at Bluffington School, only for Skeeter to remind him that Roger has already prepared himself for it.

Inside the metal shop, Roger and his gang are prepared for any prank materials for Percy. In the restroom later on, Roger and Willie fill up water balloons to toss at Percy, despite Bone announcing that everyone is to treat him with the same respect and care as other students. Doug shows up and tries to convince Roger to go easy on Percy, but to no avail. When Ned, looking apprehensive, tells him that he had just seen Percy, Roger runs to the hallway and attempts to throw a water balloon at him, only to find that Percy is much bigger and tougher than he is. At school, Percy grabs the water balloon out of Roger's hands and tosses it in the air as the balloon splashes on Roger's face as Doug and Skeeter laughs at his humiliation. Mr. Bone then shows up to check up on the situation, noticeably concerned, and Roger lies to him and says that he is hot. When Mr. Bone walks out of sight, Percy has Roger in a headlock and tells them that the two are going to be friends.

In class, Percy shoots spit wads at Roger and Doug is satisfied of Roger finally getting a taste of his own medicine for once—in reprisal for bullying him and the others. After class, Roger walks through the hallway with a sign that says "I'm a Doofus" on his back, which everyone reminds him of. Percy is also seen following him behind as well and he shoots another spitball at him, which Doug and the others laugh at, enjoying Roger's suffering. He also proceeds in spraying Roger with water threw the water fountain as well. Mr. Bone walks by and tells Roger in a calm and concerned tone he should see the nurse about the sweating. When the vice principal leaves, Percy threatens Roger a knuckle sandwich if he squeals to Mr. Bone about what happened to him. At first, Doug is enjoying Roger's clobbering, but he later becomes upset of all the clobbering Roger takes from Percy and soon begins to feel sorry for Roger.

Outside, Percy trips Roger outside while the latter is walking (Mr. Bone helps Roger up with Percy's assist), and at lunch, Percy shoves Roger's face in his food. After school, Doug is seen explaining all the suffering Roger went through to Porkchop when he runs into Roger, who is hiding in a bush from Percy. Doug tells Roger to just tell Mr. Bone about Percy's demeanor, but Roger refuses, saying that the vice principal won't believe him about his nephew. Percy eventually shows up and Roger runs away, with Percy calling to him that he could run, but he can't hide.

The next day at school, Percy asks Roger if he would like a "Hertz Doughnut" and pulls his nose as a prank. Roger proceeds in calling him a goon, much to Percy's fury. Realizing what he has just said, Roger runs away in fear, with Percy trailing behind. Roger runs into Doug and begs him to hide him. So Doug hides him in a locker right before Percy shows up. Doug tries to reason with Percy and Percy decides not to harm Roger. Instead, he decides to inflict pain on Doug after school and leaves, threatening to look for Doug if he doesn't show up. Roger emerges from the locker and thanks Doug as he leaves.

While Doug waits for Percy after school at the basketball court, Skeeter gives him a choice of bandages. Finally, Percy shows up and attempts to beat up Doug, but Mr. Bone finally stops him. When both Mr. Bone and Roger rescue Doug, Mr. Bone catches Percy in the act and sends him back to his old school PDQ. Roger tells Doug that only he is allowed to cream Doug and told Mr. Bone about Percy's behavior. He later offers Doug a trip to the Honker Burger for a treat (before putting an "I'm a Doofus" sign on his back, which Doug notices and puts on Roger's back instead).


  • The femur is the thigh bone. So it was appropriate for Percy to be related to Mr. Bone.
  • Percy makes his next and final appearance in Doug's Big Feat, but is unacknowledged by Mr Bone as his nephew during that episode.
  • Roger wears his Bluff Scouts uniform when Boomer, Willie and himself are planning on how to bully Percy.
  • Mr. Bone shows uncharacteristically nice behavior to Roger and Doug in this episode.
  • The flashbacks Doug have remembering the times Roger picked on him are from the episodes Doug is Quailman and Doug Takes a Hike.
  • This is one of three episodes in which Doug doesn't have any imagination sequences. The other two are Doug is Hamburger Boy and Doug's Babysitter.
  • This is the first episode when Roger gets bullied.
  • I'm this episode, Roger suffers from Stages 3, 4 and 5 bullying at the end, Doug himself becomes a victim of stage 5 bullying after saving Roger from getting beat up by Percy. 
  • At the end, Mr. Bone actually becomes a hero by rescuing both Doug and Roger by thwarting the evil plan of Percy. 
  • Moral: The same as " Doug to the Rescue" Bullying is wrong.
  • 2nd Moral: Don't be afraid to speak up and find a responsible adult if you are getting bullied or you see someone else getting bullied in school or at home.


  • In the scene where Percy is confronting Roger near the bush, when Roger says "Oh great.", the three bush leaves on his head are missing, but when Percy walks up to him they reappear.
  • When Doug says to Percy "Look, it's your Uncle Lamar!", he is pointing in the direction of the bleachers, not realizing that Lamar and Roger are approaching from behind.

Lesson learned from this episode:

Say No to Bullying

  • Each year either in school, playground or even at your home, millions of kids fall victim of bullying. Bullying has been a huge impact on young children and teens who suffer from bullying for years.
  • In the past decade, a lot of kids, teens and even adults suffer the after effects of bullying by sudden rage as in taking it out and exploding at their parents or older and younger siblings after coming home from school or self-induced rage by throwing a tantrum in their bedroom by throwing stuff and destroying their bed or suffering from depression due to Bullying or even suicidal thoughts. 
  • Bullying is one of the causes of suicide. Over the years, so many young people die from suicide because of bullying or depression. Especially long-term effects of bullying.
  • Bullying can cause PTSD; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in kids, teens and young adults. Sudden anger like yelling and screaming at yourself or at a friend or your parents during a conversation with them and physical harm like self-conflicting cuts and wounds thoughts of suicide by hanging or drug overdose, or destruction like flipping the dining table or the living room table breaking objects on the table or destroying objects that belong to you or someone else. Making wrong choices in life like disobedience to your parents occasionally or disobeying the police by doing minor or major crimes, or wanting to use drugs like meth, cocaine or heroin and underaged smoking or underaged drinking can be signs that your child has signs and symptoms of PTSD. PTSD is one of the main cause of suicide if PTSD is left untreated. 
  • There are st least six different stages or levels of bullying:
  1. Stage 1 is verbal abuse like name-calling, and racial profiling to the victim constantly making the victim annoyed, feeling angry or feeling bad or sorry for themselves. Making fun of a younger child or a new student because of their appearance like race, gender, or mental status of the difference in size is an example of stage 1 bullying Stage 1 bullying can occur on the computer on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram which is cyberbullying. 
  2. Stage 2: Stage 2 is like Stage 1, but it escalade s in a physical form of teasing someone else Stage 2 involved minor physical contact to the victim like shooting spitballs at the victim either through a straw or throwing small paper balls or shooting rubber bands at the victim mostly from behind the victim Performing "wet willies" when the bully sticks his or her index finger in their mouths and sticking their index finger already submerged in their own body fluids like saliva into the victim's ear while the victim is distracted is an example of stage 2 bullying. In the episode, " Doug to the Rescue" Patti suffers from Stage 2 and Stage 3 bullying. 
  3. Stage 3: Stage 3 bullying is more serious than both stage 1 and Stage 2 bullying. Stage 3 is performing the 'blame game ' when the bully does something wrong or forcing the victim to retaliate by screaming at the bully to stop teasing them in class getting the teacher's attention and infuriating the teacher causing the adult present to get mad at the victim and punishing them or throwing school paint drinks food or paint at the victim forcing the victim to retaliate and the bully gets the victim in trouble by either telling on them for something THEY did or infuriating the victim causing THEM to break the school rules themselves even though it was the bully that started the conflict. In the episode "Doug to the Rescue" Roger continuously teased Patti by being annoying and poking her behind her back. Forcing Patti to scream at Roger to stop in front of the class infuriating Mrs. Wingo by punishing not only Roger, but also Patti by sending them to detention even though it actually was the right thing for Patti to do getting Mrs. Wingo 's attention, Mrs. Wingo actually wasn't aware that Patti was the one getting . But Doug was aware of it and he too along with Skeeter got punished for disrupting the class and was also sent to detention even though Doug was doing his job as an eyewitness. Doug also did the right thing by speaking up and letting someone responsible know that he saw Patti getting bullied by Roger. Doug suffered from Stage 3 bullying in "Doug's Big News" when Roger wrote an insulting statement on a news bulletin about Mr. Bone saying a false statement that he wears pink underwear giving it to Doug getting Doug in trouble by Mr. Bone; and also in the episode "Doug's New Teacher" when he blamed Doug for the stuff that he was going to do to Mrs. Newberry at the beginning of the Characters by giving Doug his slingshot getting him in trouble.
  4. Stage 4: Stage 4 bullying is severe physical activity to the victim when the bully trips the victim in the hallway or outside causing the victim to fall dropping all of his or her stuff that they were taking to class or home or during lunch causing the victim to fall face first into his lunch tray.  And dropping his food on the dirty cafeteria floor. Stage 4 bullying is also a situation where the bully shoves the victim's face into his or her lunch tray getting their face and clothing covered in food. Public embarrassment and humiliation like putting inappropriate signs on the victim's back or blowing a bubble out of bubble gum and pelting the victim's hair with him is an example of stage 4 bullying the worst scenario of stage 4 bullying is when a gang of older children forced the younger child to go to the restroom and performing a 'Swirly' when a group of older kids or a single older kids forces the victim's skull into the toilet submerging the victim's head and neck into dirty toilet water perhaps full with urine and fecal matter resulting in the victim choking on toilet water and having been humiliated by their skull smelling like toilet water throughout the remainder of the school day. Swirlies are the worst form of bullying than any other form of bullying and it is also dangerous, and even fatal. Swirlies is w action of bullying that can cause health dangers because toilet water is full of harmful viruses and bacteria that can make a victim sick like E-coli, Salmonella, rotavirus, the virus that causes diarrhea or constipation, and in worst circumstances, Hepatitis A. Performing a swirly can also be fatal, the victim can drown when their heads are submerged in the toilet. This form of bullying is also illegal. Graffiti bad drawings or false nicknames for example: "Dork" or "Wimp" or even profane language used in a sentence that wrongfully describes that person in the school restrooms stalls or writing them on the chalkboard is also the severe cases of bullying. Stage 4 bullying has a long term effect on kids' feelings and behavior and can result in sudden rage, self-induced rage or even death by suicide.
  5. Stage 5: Stage 5 is the most severe cases of bullying and it is also dangerous and illegal!! Stage 5 bullying is when a bully or a gang of older kids threatens the victim that he or the whole gang will do harm to the victim. Or when the bully wants to do physical harm to the victim by fighting the victim after school in the school playground or the park After school fights in the playground are the most common in fights due to Bullying. And fights in the park are also very common in the form of bullying, school bullies prefer fighting or beating up the victim in the playground or in the park After school because they feel that there are no or very few responsible adults present and the victim is left isolated and alone If he is lucky, The victim's friends may be there in his or her corner to protect them or even rescue the victim of Stage 5 bullying by either confronting the bully or the group of older kids to leave the victim alone or running for help from a nearby responsible adult. The police may be called if the fight takes place in a park where the victim is left and alone. The worst circumstances is where the victim has to fight the bully and he is alone and has no one around to be there to rescue him or her. Resulting in the victim left to defend themselves. In worst circumstances of stage 5 bullying is when a bully or a gang of older kids beat up and attack the victim of Stage 5bullying severely injuring the victim or leaving him with minor injuries if the victim is left alone with no one around, the results can be fatal! Fatal confrontations are mostly common in huge gang related parts of a huge city. I'm most fights due to Bullying, fatalities or fatal beatdowns and adults are rare. Fatalities caused by school fights are very rare because school staff is always present, even after school hours. Stage 5 bullying can lead to serious consequences for the kids who are responsible for it like expulsion of suspension from school or spending a large amount of time in jail or even in prison. 
  6. Stage 6: Stage 6 bullying is mostly common in older people, like teens and adults. In younger children, this stage of bullying is very rare but it can still occur Stage 6 bullying is also most common in businesses and areas like apartment complex malls alleys stores and even your home, it is rare in schools and daycare centers and areas that are for younger children. Stage 6 bullying is when the bully threatens to cause harm to the victim -- similar to Stage 5 bullying only this time the bully is armed with a weapon and wants to inflict pain to the victim with that weapon or cause further harm to the victim of Stage 6bullying Stage 6 bullying in teens and young adults can either involve lethal or non lethal activities mostly physically threaten the victim and scaring him or her with a knife or a gun threatening the victim that the bully will harm them if they don't listen to their order given to the victim. Torturing the victim is an example of Stage 6 bullying by afflicting pain to the victim even severe pain by torture methods of punishment by using mostly non lethal weapons by submerging their heads in clean water while bound to a chair or another object or trying to inflict pain by using a non lethal weapon like a baseball bat or a wrench to try to break their legs or arms by constantly beating them up. Or using pliers to pull out their teeth while bound to a chair. Inflicting bad haircuts to the victim is also Stage 6 bullying because that is emotional torture In younger people like teens and young kids, Using a non lethal weapon such as a water gun, throwing water balloons at the victim or lightly tapping the victim annoyingly with a belt, shoe, or a piece of school food being used as a weapon. Spreading rumors and telling an humiliating lie is emotional torture also as well as treating your younger brother or sister as animals or slaves instead of normal human being - family or sibling slavery- are examples of Stage 7 bullying. 

Here are the right things to do if you see someone else getting bullied:

  1. ​​​​​​Confront the bully and ask for them to stop teasing the victim. ( Stage 1 and Stage 2) 
  2. Try to separate the bully from the victim. ( Stages 1 - 5)
  3. Defend the victim if no adult is present. ( Stage 5)
  4. Tell a nearby responsible adult either a teacher, school principal or a parent.
  5. ​​​​​​If Stage 5 bullying occurs in a park or an area where kids are independent without adult supervision:
  • Run and get help from a nearby responsible adult.
  • ​​​​​ Call your parents and get them to help if you witness your younger brother or sister being a victim of Stage 5 bullying. 
  • Try to break up the fight.
  • If Stage 5 bullying becomes serious, Call or notify the police! Notify your parents if possible. 
  • If you are at the park and you witness a younger child getting physically assaulted by a group of older kids, run to an adult right away If you feel like that the situation is serious, Notify the police. This can help you be a hero and you can save the victim's life! 
  • teach your younger brother or younger sister self-defense. 
  • Teach your kids self-defense. 
  • If you have  experienced the aftermath of Stage 5 bullying, and you witness someone unconscious or have serious injuries from losing a fight to the bully, you can still save the victim's life! Call 9-1-1 or if their parents are around, get help from them to help their fallen child Don't wait until it is too late! The victim of Stage 5 bullying can die from their injuries from losing a fight if they are left untreated and the fight becomes serious. 

Here are tips you can follow if YOU are a victim of bullying

  1. Ask for the bully to stop. ( Stage 1 and Stage 2 bullying)
  2. If the bully doesn't listen to you and continues to pick on you after telling him to stop, Tell your teacher or shout to get the adult's attention. The only flaw is that you may get punished by your teacher for shouting in class after being forced to do so because you are getting bullied. In Doug to The Rescue that is what Patti did when she was getting bullied by Roger. She did get punished by Mrs. Wingo, but despite being sent to detention from Roger 's bullying, she did the right thing by shouting for help from Mrs. Wingo when Roger kept teasing her, because if Patti didn't shout to get Mrs. Wingo 's attention, Roger would've continued his bullying towards Patti by poking her or worse, throwing spot balls or paper balls at Patti
  • ​​Avoid the 'blame game ' if you can. The bully will do anything to get YOU in trouble by either your teacher principal or your parents. 
  • ignore them This  only works if it is Stage 1 bullying. But tell an adult if they continue with their insults to avoid blowing up in anger later on. 
  • if a bully or a group of older kids pick with you with physical contact or wants to fight, walk away from the scene and find an adult and tell them what happened. 
  • Learn self-defense. 
  • Run away and get help from a responsible adult. ( Stage 5 bullying)

Here is what you and your school can do to help say NO to Bullying:

  • Go on a "No Bullying" campaign .
  • Create a fundraiser.
  • Design a "No Bullying" logo on a T-shirt or hoodie. 
  • make No Bullying posters and banners and post them on  the hallway walls around your school. 

This is one of the episodes that focuses on bullying and how wrong bullying is No matter the circumstances or how old you are, bullying is not cool! Bullying is wrong and it can happen anywhere to anyone, young children, teens and even adults and the consequences of bullying are real. You can do something or your whole school can to help stop bullying. 

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