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"Doug Gets a Roommate" is the 18th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on January 11, 1997, on ABC.


At lunch, Ned comes out of nowhere and angers Doug by plastering him with mashed potatoes. When Doug and his friends come out of the school, they see a fire at Ned's house, and Doug thinks is his fault after telling Ned that "he'll get his someday." Mrs. Funnie offers to house him while Ned's house is fixed. When Ned arrives, Doug can't believe how well he behaves because he is nothing like that at school. Doug even starts to feel sympathetic towards Ned. But now Ned is off to visit Grandma Funnie with the rest of the Funnies and Doug is worried he'll ruin his grandmother's home.



  • Moral: Always try new things and don't judge people based on what some people say about them.
  • Doug Later Mentions the events in Doug's Dream House