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"Doug Gets Right Back On!" is the 37th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on September 26, 1998, on ABC.


Doug is practicing for the Rudolph Bluff Memorial Bike Rally, where he is on Patti's team and they are determined to beat Roger's team. But after Doug has a bicycle accident, he breaks his leg and once it heals, he is afraid to get back on his bike. His fear won't let him practice or even ride in the rally, and if he doesn't overcome his fear, it would let Patti and the team down. Meanwhile, Doug learns about Mr. Dink's phobia of beans and how he has tried to overcome it.


This was made into a Disney Afternoon chapter in the book, "No Wimps Allowed."

Moral: Believe in yourself, even when things look dark Because it Means to get Right Back on