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This page details the history of Douglas "Doug" Yancey Funnie, the younger brother of Judy Funnie and a child of Phil and Theda Funnie.

Prior to the show[]

Doug Funnie, full name Douglas Yancey Funnie, was born some eleven 1/2 years ago in Bloatsburg to Phil, Theda and Judy Funnie. We don't get to see younger Doug that much, though, though there are exceptions.

Some Christmases ago, Doug first got his antromorphic dog Porkchop, and another year saw him get his journal. ("Doug's Christmas Story")

Nickelodeon Series events[]

Season 1[]

His father having recieved a job at the Bluffington Gazelle, Doug and his family move into Bluffington. Doug worries that he won't make friends, but he is quickly proven wrong when he meets his eccentric neighbor Bud Dink and wife Tippi Dink, and future best friends Skeeter Valentine and Patti Mayonnaise, the latter to which Doug falls for.

However, he does run into local bully Roger Klotz, who dares him to go to Stinsen's Pond by the next day and do a "Neematoad mating call" to call one in. Doug falls for it, though Roger is one-upped, thanks to Porkchop's resourcefulness. "(Doug Bags a Neematoad")