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"Doug Cuts School" is the 58th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on May 8, 1999, on ABC.


Doug finds out that all the girls love a tough looking eighth grader named Drake Hilton. Beebe, Connie and their friends are looking at pictures of him. Patti says he is awfully cute, which made Doug very sad. Patti also said that he was wild and exciting and unpredictable, which made Doug very sad also. Doug is sad. Has Patti dumped him for Drake Hilton? But, the girls say Doug is nice, and Patti said he was very nice. Doug felt better. Then, we cut to the title card., Doug decides to cut school during an assembly and have a wild adventure with Skeeter. But Mr. Bone finds out and although he can't tell who is cutting school, he is determined to hunt down the fugitives. Doug and Skeeter go to the mall, Swirly's and the park and find out that cutting school is not as wild as they thought. When their boring adventure is over, they return to school only to find out that Patti actually showed her true colors: She doesn't like a real rebel. Mr. Bone then gives the boys detention so they can think over their recent actions. While serving detention, Doug manages to impress Roger, and soon after their detention is over.



  • Moral: Cutting school means to skip school. In other words, it means to play truant, which is wrong and unacceptable. Plus, you have to learn from your mistakes.
  • This is one of the few apprearances of Lamar Bone in the Disney-era series.