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"Doug: Night of the Living Dougs" is the 40th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on October 31, 1998, on ABC.


Beebe is having a Halloween party with a costume contest. After Doug's homemade Lucky Duck monster costume is destroyed by Dirtbike, Doug needs help for a new Halloween costume. So he goes to Skeeter, Judy, Mr. Dink, and Roger for help, but Doug can't believe they are all too busy to help him. That night, he has a dream in which everyone starts acting like him, and soon, they turn into exact clones of him. At the Halloween party, Doug wears his own normal clothes and Patti dresses like Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie.


  • GOOF: This Halloween special takes place a year after " Bloody Buddy", when Doug mentions Skeeter's Vampire Costume he wore in that Halloween Episode. Yet Doug ad his friends are still in 7th grade and not the 8th grade, since they don't finish 7th grade until the finale " Doug Marriage Madness".
  • Why was Dirt Bike in the episode? She wasn't born until Christmas in Doug's 7th grade year, so shouldn't Doug's mom still be pregnant?