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"Doug: I, Rubbersuit" is the 61st episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on May 29, 1999, on ABC.


In this scene by the "Doug" logo, Rubbersuit takes over, while Quailman is tied up and gagged. Even though he knows he is not supposed to, Doug loans Roger his school newspaper press pass so Roger can get into an early screening of a movie. But after Roger gives a bad review of the movie to the press wearing Doug's press pass, Doug has to confront the consequences. In Megalopolis, the Kabrain twins help Quailman turn into Rubbersuit to learn more about him. But when the real Rubbersuit finds out about this, he visits the Kabrain twins to get them to change "Rubbersuit" back into Quailman. Klotzenstein appears, and the Kabrain twins get Rubbersuit back into the real Quailman and get Quailman back into the real Rubbersuit. Later, Doug tells the truth and upsets Guy and then gets to join Patti.