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"Doug: A Limited Corporation" is the 5th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on October 5, 1996, on ABC.


The Beets are having a break-up concert. One minor problem is that Doug is broke. After school, he stops by Swirly's for a chocolate shake, while Patti is with Connie and Roger. Next, Doug ends up working at his Grandma Edna's Craftee Shoppee with his Grandma Edna. After Roger wants him to sell the tickets, Doug refuses to sell the tickets to him. Doug wants to be rich and tells Skeeter to come down to the store, but almost forgets to invite Patti to the concert, angering her. Meanwhile he gives up all the tickets to Roger. On the night of the concert, Roger arrives with Patti, who is not with Doug. Doug is up on the hill and is found by Patti. When it is hard to hear the music, Patti sits next to Doug, and the concert starts.