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"Doug's in the Middle" is the 39th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on October 10, 1998, on ABC.


Patti and Skeeter comment about how great Guy's weekend party was makes Doug decide to have his own party. At school, Patti and Skeeter accidentally get locked in a janitor's closet after taking Ms. Krystal's loudmouthed parrot, Squackie down there. While being locked in, they each share a secret, Patti's about being afraid of the dark, and Skeeter's about wearing Cowpoke Pete pajamas, and the two promise each other not to tell anyone else. Shortly afterwards, the two are rescued. However, the nest day, Roger has found out about their secrets, and he uses them to humiliate both Patti and Skeeter, leaving the question of who spilled the secrets.

Patti thinks Skeeter told, and Skeeter thinks Patti told. The two friends become so angry at each other, that they both refuse to attend Doug's party if the other other one is there, and force Doug to choose who to side with. Doug, who doesn't believe either one of them would divulge a secret about the other, has to try to get them to be friends again before his party. Doug eventually realizes that the parrot, Squackie had overheard the secrets, and consequently was the one to repeat them to Roger. Confronted with this, Patti and Skeeter make amends and Doug's party is a success with both in attendance.



  • Goof: The school Doug and his friends attend is called Beebe Bluff Middle School. But in one exterior scene of the school, a sign incorrectly names the school as "Bluffington Middle School." Strangely, the sign still has the "Double B" logo, and the silhouette of Beebe's head.
  • Moral: Forgive your friends.