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"Doug's in Debt!" is the sixth episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on October 19, 1996, on ABC.


At school thanks to Roger, Doug acts bad, and Patti asks him what is wrong. Repeatedly, Patti tells Doug to leave her alone, while Roger treats him like a puppet. And later at home, Doug arrives and tries to borrow the theatrical Napoleon hat, but Judy returns and reminds Doug to stay out of her room. For a class project, Judy lets Doug borrow one of her theatrical Napoleon hats after making him sign a contract, which state if she doesn't get her Hat back, Doug would do her shows forever. Later Doug loses the hat and Roger finds it and won't give it back to Doug. In order to get the hat back from Roger, he asks Doug to do many favors including stealing a plastic cow. After all the favors are done, Roger still refuses to give the hat back. Since Doug can't return the hat to Judy, he must suffer the consequences. After Doug tells Judy that Roger won't give the hat back to her, Judy takes the hat from Roger. With Judy getting her hat back by herself, Doug believed he would do her shows forever, until her friend revealed a loophole in the contract stating that as long as Judy got the hat (With or Without Doug getting it himself) he's off the hook, legally. While Doug was happy that he didn't have to do her shows, He notice that with Doug in the play, her show would be ruin and he agreed to be in that one show.



  • Moral: Don't cut corners to get what you want, you must have integrity.
  • the beginning is a reference to Horror Movies