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"Doug's Movie Madness" is the 11th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on November 16, 1996, on ABC.


After Doug and Skeeter see a commercial for the new movie Targetman, they desperately want to see it. Soon, all of Doug's friends and even his teachers are talking about Targetman. When Doug tells his parents he wants to see it, they don't allow him to do so, because it is way too violent, and they feel Doug is not mature enough to see it. So Doug tries to be more mature in front of his parents in order for them to let him see the movie, but they still say no. Doug goes with Skeeter to see the movie anyway, only to regret it later on. Meanwhile, Mr. Klotz is in town to visit Roger who also wants to see Targetman, but Mr. Klotz won't let Roger see it, and he doesn't realize why.


  • Targetman may be a parody of the movie The Terminator (or possibly Robocop).
  • Error - When Doug storms out of the kitchen, all the plates on the table disappear.
  • Moral: Always listen to your parents. Plus, scary movies can give you nightmares, regardless of how old you are.