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(The intro begins with a trail of sparkly dust floating trough the sky)

Choir: Stay calm, relaxe with Nic-Nacs. NIC-NACS!

Announcer: You're under pressure.

Helicopter pilot: Need to keep it cool.

( The sparkly dust flies into the helicopter pilot's mouth )

Helicopter Pilot: Ahh. I can handle this.

( The next scene in the ad features a bunch of people watching a fireman put down a burning building )

( The sparkly dust flies into the firefighter's mouth )

Firefighter : Huh? 

Announcer: Because it takes a cool hand when you're in a hot situation. So when you want to stay calmand keep it under control, just say Nic-Nacs. Nic- Nacs contain artificaial chemical relaxantsand are not approved by minors. Brought to you by Bluffco. Nic-Nacs.

( Doug, who is watching this commercial which is airing as an ad on his cartoon, Captain Cavity )

Announcer : And now back to Captain Cavity. ( goofy laugh )

( The episode starts with a closeup of the Teeny Mart. Doug and Skeeter are looking for what they want while Roger is figuring out what he needed )

Roger: Um, what did I want again ? ( Doug and Skeeter stare at him ) Uh, after shave, uh car wax. Uh, oh, I know. 200 packs of Nic-Nacs please.

Cashier : Got an ID? You gotta be 18 years older to buy this stuff.

( Roger hands the cashier a fake ID with the name Cornellius P. Zombat )

Cashier : Cornelius P. Zombat. Age 34. Alright.

( The cashier hands back the fake Id to a nervous Roger )

( Doug and Skeeter look at each other confused )

Doug : I wonder what Roger's gonna do with all those Nic-Nacs