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"Doug's Midnight Kiss" is the 35th episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on September 12, 1998, on ABC.


One of Doug's New Year's resolution is to tell Patti how he feels about her. But when Doug realizes he hasn't done that yet, he decides that giving her a kiss at Beebe's New Year's Eve party will do it. So Doug rents movies and uses balloons for practice. At the party, midnight is approaching and Doug finds out that Patti left Beebe's party to go to other parties with Guy. It looks like Guy had the same plans for Patti as Doug did. Meanwhile, Roger tries to break his own record of how many girls to kiss at midnight and Judy hates all the New Year's celebration.


  • Moral: There are plenty of fish in the sea, meaning that sometimes we think romance is the only way to be happy, but the real key to happiness is being with the people we truly care about.
  • Doug's Fantasy about kissing Patti is a reference to romance movies