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Doug's Marriage Madness is episode 117 (65 of Disney's Doug), and the finale of the series in general. The episode aired on June 26, 1999.


In the series finale, Doug's life begins changing as he and his friends have just finished seventh grade and his voice begins to crack. Judy is preparing to go off to college, and Chad Mayonnaise and Ms. Krystal are getting married. Patti is to carry the wedding ring, but her dress has no pockets, and she fears losing it, so she asks Doug to hang onto it until the ceremony. Doug agrees to hang onto the ring but ultimately loses it and has to find it before the wedding begins. Meanwhile, at the church, chaos ensues when one disaster after another happens. As the ceremony starts, Principal White faints, and everyone starts fighting. But Doug saves the day by stepping up and reminding everyone how everything had changed but the only thing that never changed is how much everyone cares about each other. He reminds everyone what a wedding is really about and that they need to support Chad, Emily, and Patti, and they all perform the ceremony. During the wedding reception, Patti asks Doug if he wants to go with her on a proper date to the Summer Harvest Moon Festival. At the end of the episode, Doug completely fills his journal, only to receive a new one from Porkchop.



  • This is another one of the two episodes that Judy Funnie is wearing a butterfly suit.
  • This is the second time that Judy Funnie does a pirouette.
  • This is the final appearance of Lamar Bone.