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"Doug's Hoop Nightmare" is the fourth episode of Doug in the Disney era. It first aired on September 28th, 1996, on ABC.


Doug tells the story of what happened last summer at a sports camp. The Funnie family is curious when Doug gets a letter from Bolivia. Doug's explanation involves the previous summer, where Doug went to the Grinning Bear Sports Camp with Patti. Meantime, Doug's asthmatic cabinmate Leonard, who has made a career of escaping summer camps, plans yet another escape. However, Doug, Chalky, and Patti have to worry about the upcoming basketball game they have to play against a tougher camp. This is a flashback of Doug and Patti from Nickelodeon's Doug (1991–1994).



  • The episode marks the first appearance of Percy Femur since the episode "Doug's Big Feat" and his third and final overall appearance in the entire series.